Finding a photo
10th July 2017
All our photos are time stamped ie:"day" "month" "year" Is the first 6 digits, "hour" "minute" "seconds"is the second 6 digts, so if you can rememeber when you were competing it will help you to find your photos.
2017 The New Season
28th January 2017
Now that I have retired from the MOD I am available to cover any Event anywhere in The UK. We have a motorhome which will hopefully take us and our equipment to give support at all forces events and training sessions. To provide photo coverage and help with training if required.
Royal Tournament 2012
10th October 2012
Weren't we luck with the weather. I held my breath when they said the Tournament was postponed until October but the weather was better than it is often in June.
We have some nice pictures to display even though the number of competitors were down. So I hope you all enjoy this years batch of images
31st March 2012
Here we are again at the start of another season.
March has been a very sunny start so the ground at DAC is drier than than usual at this time of year.
The weather for the ODE was fantastic and there has been no mishaps this year so the season is off to a good start.
The amount of competitors was low due to the commitments in London this year.