Digital Pricing

In the past I have been reluctant to offer a digital image service because, call me old fashioned, I prefer to have control of the finished product.
I personally hand print each image on a "high-end" printer that uses colour pigments rather then ink giving a rich final image which has a life of about 100yrs.

However there is a growing requirement for images that can be put on social media sites such as "Facebook" and Hi res images supplied on CD or by email, so I am adding this to our service.

Low resolution image for social media (not suitable for printing) sent by email:

1 image £5.00
5 images £20.00

High resolution images on CD or sent by email

1 Image £12.00
Up to 5 images £50.00
Up to 10 images £80.00

Please note that some email services will not handle large Hi resolution files.

All images on this site are the copyright of Geoff Marston Photography
so all purchases are for personal use only.

If the images are required for any other use permission must be obtained first.

Please be aware that digital images are not as permanent as prints.

These images need to be stored carefully if you want to keep them for future use