I first became interested in horses and photography at the age of 11 but my serious career started in the Army where I qualified both as an Equitation Instructor and a Veterinary Radiographer/Vet Tech.

I met my wife Pam during my time in the army; she shared my interests in horses and photography with the same enthusiasm.

On leaving the army in the 70’s, we set up our own business covering Equestrian Events and we believe we ran one of the first photographic companies to offer this service in colour.

We established Marston Photographics in the early Seventies covering equestrian events and horse portraiture.

After a decade of Equestrian Photography, we moved to Aberdeen for family reasons and because of the distance from the Equestrian World my photography had to adapt to a more available market so I went into the Offshore Industry as a photographer. In my spare time onshore I continued to cover local Pony Club Events and I started competing in Showjumping and Eventing as well as teaching equestrian skills.

In the late 80’s I retired from the gruelling demands of the Offshore Industry to take up teaching riding skills and training horses full time, eventually moving back south with Pam after our children had all grown up.

About nine years ago we restarted the photographic business creating portraits of people's horses and other pets on commission and now I provide a limited scaled down photo coverage of equestrian events for the military, under the name Geoff Marston Photography.

Now we have come full circle and with digital technology, we hope to provide an even better service than we provided in the seventies with the same enthusiasm and love of horses that has always driven us.
We look forward to meeting old friends and acquaintances as well as making new ones in 2017
We have put up the price of some photos but we have now included the postage in the price.
i am now going back to coaching horse riding. My style of coaching is called Equine Biomechanics which explains how your body postion influences the way a horse reponds and how a horse reads your body language. Get in touch if you are interested.